Food Backpacks

Nationwide, 62% of teachers regularly see students come to school hungry.

Hungry children do more poorly in school and have lower academic achievement because they are not well prepared for school and cannot concentrate.

The Fuel the Future Foundation Backpack Program seeks to alleviate chronic hunger among school age children in order to enhance academic capacity which is often hindered by food insecurity.


Two things that can help under-resourced children move into successful futures are education and relationships.

Research has shown that proficiency in reading in third grade is a crucial marker in a child’s educational development.

If a child cannot read at grade-level by the end of 3rd grade, there is an 80% chance that child will NOT graduate from high school.

By targeting the younger children, 9-10 year olds, we can help put them on the path to successful academic achievement and adulthood.

Get Involved

Fuel the Future needs volunteers on a weekly basis for the Summit program.

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Donate Now

You can help address the problem of food insecurity and support the other programs that help children in our partner schools thrive. Fuel the Future Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your gifts are tax-deductible.

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